EMEC Metering Pump

We are offering the best quality EMEC Metering Pump in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Offering you a total selection of items which incorporate EMEC chemical dosing pump, xeed chemical dosing metering siphon, dosatron make water controlled dosing pumps NSF endorsed and EXAT make Chemical dosing pump and system. We offer a scope of EMEC Chemical Dosing Pump containing IP 65 walled in area brings about long life and strength in water sprinkles Environmental changes. We offer a scope of dosing pumps/CLO2 generator containing IP 65 fenced in area brings about longer life and solidness in water sprinkles and Environmental changes.

PVDF head, valves and extras offer more protection from chemicals and can withstand wide scope of condition changes (- 10°C to 45°C) . These Dosing pumps are additionally portioned the 30% HCL or 98.5% Sulphuric Acid. All metering pumps accompany CE/UL/WQA affirmation. Metering pumps and dosing system are generally utilized for the exact and safe dosing of chemical liquids. As each division has its very own particular requirements with regards to dosing chemical compounds, EMEC has a wide assortment of dosing pumps and dosing system particularly intended for your calling. EMEC has various metering pumps accessible for, however not constrained to, the divisions beneath.

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